Physical and Mental Health in the times of COVID

COVID has brought a phase in everybody’s lives. A phase, people would not have even imagined they would ever had to face. But isn’t the predictability factor of life always there in all our lives?! COVID definitely has brought a lot of unpredictability in life, but it has also taught us so many things! It has taught us to help others in need and to stay grateful for what you have. It is our body that is keeping us alive in these times. We are surviving only because of our bodies. So, isn’t it our duty to keep it fit and active?! Not just body, but our mind is playing a huge part in keeping us alive. It isn’t always positive; we all agree that. But isn’t it our duty to keep it positive?! It isn’t always cheerful; but isn’t it our duty to lift our moods whenever we feel low?!

There are so many frontline workers who are fighting against this disease every day. Though our nation is trying so hard to provide treatment to all and heal all those who are affected, but the huge number of people that are affected with the virus has now created lack of medical resources and facilities. So it is our duty to keep ourselves safe.


COVID has truly made prioritizing health important. Being fit has become a necessity in these times. With the ever-increasing demand for healthcare and the lack of healthcare resources, it has become very important to take care of yourself. When we say yourself, we mean both the aspects of health- physical and mental. Physical aspect includes keeping yourself fit by exercising regularly, sleeping on time, having a nutritious meal, etc. Mental aspect includes doing yoga, meditation, etc. So, this post, is all about the physical and mental aspects of fitness during the times of COVID and we have mentioned some really effective ways to keep yourself fit and healthy.

For physical health:

  • Exercise daily:

At times that we are stuck at our home, it becomes very difficult to stay active. These are the times our body needs the most amount of exercise. Exercising keeps the body fit and healthy. It removes fatigue. Also, after exercising you don’t feel lethargic at all.

  • Hydrate:

Hydration is extremely vital. Drink as much water much as you can. It cleans your system and flushes out the toxins.

  • Take steam:

Take steam once or twice a day. It helps to keep the nasal track clean and you feel fresh.

  • Have nutritious food:

Nutritious food is extremely helpful not only for the body, but also for the mind. Having different kadhas goes a long way in keeping you healthy. Consuming vitamin supplements also has a great effect on your health. Consumption of immunity boosting food products also keeps you fit.

For Mental Health:

  • Listen to music:

Music has a great effect on your mental health. You stay happy and motivated. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and sit back and relax.

  • Stay grateful:

In the times of COVID, definitely everything has become challenging. But having a shelter and food on the table in these times should make you feel blessed. So, always stay grateful for the whatever comes your way and accept it.


  • Write:

Write to vent your feelings. Acknowledge your emotions. Maintain a diary and write every day. In the times that you feel low, write about the things that you are grateful for.

  • Yoga:

Yoga is a way through which you stay calm and peaceful. Perform breathing exercises to increase your lung capacity and make yourself stronger. Meditating regularly protects you from unnecessary panicking and you feel fresh and active all the time. Breathing exercises like anulom vilom, bhasrika, etc. have a large impact on our breathing system and it strengthens your lungs.


Keeping yourself fit and healthy is the need of the hour. The physical and mental aspects are so intertwined that one might affect the other. So keep yourself positive, stay indoors, hydrate yourself and stay strong. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. This phase will definitely end soon and we all will grow and realize how much stronger this phase has made us all.






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