Anion Sanitary Pad

If you ask your moms about the sanitary pads, they used at their time, you would discover a whole different era of menstruation when it was considered a taboo topic and women had to wear cotton cloth instead of a sanitary pad. Definitely, it was much tougher as to what it is now. The cotton cloths were great, but not as efficient as our sanitary pads to absorb the blood well and not avoid spotting on clothes. And obviously, back then women had to sanitize the entire cloth, wash it by themselves, while the sanitary pads that we get today are easily disposable.

Doesn’t it all seem so much improved?! What all possibly could go wrong?! Well, when we all saw the upgrades, we failed to witness its shortcomings. No doubt, the sanitary pads are absolutely efficient in absorbing, but they contain extremely harmful chemicals that might harm the body. They contain several herbicides and pesticides. The sanitary pads might give rashes, vaginal allergies and even hormonal dysfunction. Sanitary pads might also cause inflammation in the pelvic region and ailments related to the endometrium. Not only that, but they might also cause malfunctioning in the thyroid and cancer in the ovaries. Some companies use an environmental pollutant called dioxin, to bleach the cotton pads. This might cause harmful diseases like diabetes, immune system damage and pelvic inflammation. The chemicals that some scented pads have might also cause infertility and complications in the baby’s embryonic development. Use of sanitary pads for a longer period of time in a day can cause growth in staphylococcus aureus bacteria in the vagina. This is commonly called the Toxic Shock Syndrome which has symptoms of fever, dizziness and sometimes even diarrhea. The pads that are made of synthetic materials encourage bacterial growth that lead to yeast infections and allergies.

And because sanitary pads are a necessity, women can’t avoid its use. But what women can avoid, are the shortcomings of these really harmful pads. How?! Well, all thanks to the anion sanitary pads, now you can avail all of the advantages of the sanitary pads and ditch its shortcomings.

Anion Sanitary pads work wonders during menstruation. They have 8 layers that protect you from harmful diseases and give you comfort. They are efficient in absorption and also do not have an adverse effect on your health. On the contrary, they have amazing benefits too!

Following are the benefits of Anions:

They enhance immune function.

  • They also neutralize free radicals.
  • They also purify blood and improve blood circulation.
  • They also provide alkaline atmosphere.
  • It also helps in revitalizing all body’s functions.

If we take into consideration the natural anion sanitary pads made by SNC Health Medico, we would come across 8 layers of protection against diseases.

Following are what the anion pad contains:


  1. The dry net top layer:

This is the uppermost layer that gives an instant dry feeling and a pleasant sensation. Now, stay rash-free always!

  1. Green Anion Layer:

Now that you know the amazing benefits of anions, you would know how important this layer is! It neutralizes odors and maintains a great comfort level.

  1. Sterilized pulp sheet:

This layer guides the menstrual fluid towards the super absorbent polymer gel sheet.

  1. Bio-Degradable Polymer Gel Sheet:

This layer effectively absorbs the fluid and keeps the pad dry all the time.

  1. Sterilized Pulp Sheet:

Well, this layer is for extra protection.

  1. Bio-Degradable Base Material:

This base material is easily bio degradable.

  1. Non Toxic Glue:

This layer ensures that the pad perfectly sticks the panty.

  1. Release Paper:

This maintains the gumming property of the glue of its previous layer.

Thus, we can say that clearly, anion sanitary napkins are the next big thing. The Anion Sanitary Napkins are a revolution in the hygiene and healthcare industry. They are good for the body and even better for the environment. And in the era of selfcare, you definitely would want to take care of yourself and maintain hygiene. And in the times of environmental awareness, you would definitely want to do what is good for the environment.

So, get your anion sanitary pad packs and realize the change. Because one step taken by you, goes a long way in changing the world!

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