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Bacopa Extract Capsules

349.00 inc. GST
REDUCES ANXIETY AND PROMOTES RELAXATION: Bacopa herb reduces anxiety by improving cognition. A component in Bacopa called Saponins provide a relaxing effect on the body. This effect helps reduce anxiety and promotes better sleep, thereby alleviating the symptoms of depression.

Ginseng Extract Capsules

499.00 inc. GST
Ginseng is beneficial to your scalp health and hair growth as it improves blood circulation while boosting the immune system and fighting hair loss. The improved blood flow to the scalp also results in reduced stress level that benefits overall health.

Noni Extract Capsules

599.00 inc. GST
Noni acts as a natural anti-inflammatory helping to treat red, inflamed skin conditions making it an exceptional aid for sunburn relief. Noni hydrates the skin without trapping heat, allowing for a quick repair process. It also contains analgesic properties that can assist with pain relief.

Panch Tulsi Drops

Panch Tulsi Drops have many benefits. Right from providing a great relief from cold and cough, to strengthening immunity, Panch Tulsi Drops are very helpful in keeping you healthy.

Recall Capsules

1,799.00 inc. GST
Recall capsules come with a lot of benefits. It is one of our products for boosting the brain.

Shankpushpi Capsules

299.00 inc. GST
Shankpushpi is used for its medicinal uses. Due to its mild laxative property, it also helps in digestion and constipation. It goes a long way in improving mental health and might also help with managing depression due to its antidepressant activity.