Whey Protein

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is amazing to improve muscle protein synthesis. Whey also helps to promote the growth of lean muscle mass. Casein and whey are the two types of proteins that milk contains. The proportion of casein protein is 80% while the proportion of whey is 20%. Whey is actually the watery portion of milk. The fatty parts of the milk are coagulated when cheese is produced. This is when, whey is separated from it as a byproduct. Now this byproduct goes through a lot of processing to form a powder called ‘whey’.

Whey protein has earned a lot of name in the fitness industry. It is used in various shakes, protein bars, etc. But what all qualities does it possess to have earned so much of recognition in the fitness industry?! This article is all about knowing the health benefits of whey protein.

But first, let’s dive deep into the world of protein. Proteins play a critical role in the body. Proteins are required for function, structure and regulation of organs and also body tissues. They have a great nutritional value. It also builds and repairs body’s tissues. And also, it allows the metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates all the bodily functions.

Now that we know how vital proteins are, lets have a look at the types of whey protein. These whey proteins are mainly differentiated by the way they are processed. Following are the types of whey proteins:

  1. Concentrate:

    This whey protein has a great flavor and contains about 80% of protein. This also has some milk sugar and fats.

  2. Hydrolysate:

    This is also called hydrolyzed whey. Since this type is pre-digested, it gets absorbed faster.

  3. Isolate:

    This has a great protein content, almost 90% or more and contains less fats and lactose.


Importance of Whey Protein

Now let’s have a look at the importance of whey protein.

1. Aids weight loss:

Whey protein helps in losing weight. It goes a long way in weight loss maybe since it extremely easy to digest. It boosts metabolism and also helps in maintaining muscle mass while losing weight. It also helps in suppressing the appetite that leads to reduced calorie intake.

2. Amazing source of high-quality protein:

It is very easy for digestion and is absorbed easily from the gut as compared to other forms of proteins.

3. It may lower blood pressure:

It is sometimes effective in lowering the blood pressure of people who have only slightly elevated blood pressure to begin with. It might not significantly lower the blood pressure when there is a very less whey protein intake.

4. Promotes Muscle Growth:

Muscle mass declines with age. This leads to fat gain. This might increase the risk of some chronic diseases too. But with some strength training and also adequate diet, this process can be definitely slowed. Whey protein is helpful in preventing age-related muscle loss. But one should not only rely on supplements and should have a diet that contains proteins to get the desired outcomes.

5. It might also help in reducing inflammation:

High doses of whey protein sometimes also reduce blood levels of C-reactive protein. This indicates that it can help reduce inflammation. The whey protein supplements are also having amazing effects on inflammatory bowel diseases.

Thus, we can conclude that there are too many health benefits of whey protein. The benefits might vary from one whey to other, so choose the type of whey protein that would give you the desired outputs. Also, the supplements won’t work as effective as they might otherwise if you don’t have protein in your diet. So, increase your protein intake and always remember that proteins are like the building blocks of life.



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